How does it feel to travel alone?

The idea of traveling alone is in itself very exciting but most of the travelers don’t take this big step, as though it brings a lot of excitement but at the same time it is a great responsibility that needs a lot of care and preparation especially if you are traveling at that place for every first time.

One needs to prepare so that there is no hassle in an unknown land in the middle of our exploration.

But after all these efforts, traveling alone will definitely be one of the best experiences of your life. It will open you up to different and new possibilities and will also enhance your travel experience for sure.

This article is for all those who are longing to travel alone but at the same time have certain insecurities in their mind. We will take on a ride to make you feel how it seems to travel alone?

And definitely after reading it, you will be convinced and would like to take all the efforts that are required to give you this relishing experience.

Here is all that it feels like to travel alone. Let me take you there.

Imagine yourself at your favorite destination alone in your best outfit, with your backpack and exploring all the places but at the same time having a unique experience by enjoying and experience something very alluring. Let me tell you, what it is?

  • You are all free.

When you travel alone you don’t have to go along adjusting according to all the members but here you can to do things just as you like them without thinking about anybody else.

You don’t have to agree with something just to fit in the itinerary that everyone approves.

Traveling alone is all about doing things on your own terms. As all won’t be energetic like you, when alone you don’t have to lower your excitement level according to somebody else, you are the writer of your own story.

  • Meeting and interacting with new people.

When you travel in groups you have to maintain a smooth conversation within the group and hence you may miss out on many more exciting people on the way. Travel alone gives you the chance to meet as well as interact with the unknowns and make them a known person in your life. It gives you the chance to interact with the locals or become a question bank to your driver while driving back to your hotel. As a solo traveler, you will have many personalized small connections that will help you know the place better.

  • Living to the fullest at the moment.

Imagine yourself walking alone on the streets of Paris, the street is not much crowded and hence you can pay attention to minute detail happening around. It will help you listen to the winds that rattle around your face or the birds that chirp cheerfully.  You will become more observant of the place and your surrounding and this experience definitely will be worth going for as you will enjoy it to the fullest.

solo travel

  • As a traveler, you will gain great confidence and satisfaction.

Traveling alone will make you scared at the first but as you start experiencing it, you will surely adore the decision taken. Once you start your journey and have come a little far you will realize that it will make you more confident as a traveler. And what can be better than this?

  • One will discover their true self.

When you are traveling alone all that you will spend time with is you and no one else. And hence this makes you meet your true self. The one that is lost among the hustle-bustle of your city or while fitting into the mold of other people. Here you don’t need to show up things to anybody and hence this will definitely explore your true self.

  • You will become a better version of your own self.

While you travel solo there will be many challenges that you will face on your way which will eventually make you better at it with time. You will learn to make decisions faster and better. It will make you independent, it will make you be alone and like it and yet be connected with the place you are traveling to. You will be free from all the bondage in your mind.

  • Travel alone once in life should be on your To-do-list.

It is recommended for everyone to travel alone once in their lifetime. As it is an experience worth experiencing.  You will be more courageous and a solo trip will give you the experience that will fill your mind and soul with peace and you will definitely find your solace.

After reading this article I am sure you will be planning out your solo trips and if you get stuck somewhere or need any solution to your query, you may contact us in the comment section below. We will be pleased to serve you and help in this great expedition of your own self.

How do people travel around the world if they are Poor?

Are you a travel lover but not a famous travel blogger who gets paid to travel? If not this then you must be a person belonging to a wealthy family who has inherited lots of money. Not even that then you must be thinking that you won’t be able to travel much. Well, that’s not right, you can even travel if you are not rich only if you know the right way to travel. And at the same time be hardworking and dedicated towards the result.

You must have seen people traveling around the world even if they are not rich, so do they have any magic stick? Definitely not. They are just smart travelers, traveling more by their mind than the money.

If you are not one and desire to be like them, this article will let you know all the magic involved in travelers harder even with lesser money in the pocket.

So let’s head forward to become one of them-

Here are 10 tips that will make you travel even if you are not rich enough to do so.

  • Create a Budget so that you stick to it.

Well, traveling requires you to spend money but keeping a note of where to spend and where not will prevent you to make any unnecessary expenses. Making a budget means predicting an amount you will require to travel considering each and every expense you will make at each step. Prepare a budget and stick to it to plan budget travel.

  • Stay dedicated.

Traveling and all the work involved in it is not an easy task, it requires lots of hard work to execute something in real. Though it is hard it is not impossible. Being dedicated to your destination will make you work hard to achieve it.

travel no money

  • Work hard to collect enough money.

Travelling can be done after working hard to collect money to do so. You can take up an occupation that is seasonal that gives you money and work for a particular time in a year. And the left time in the year uses the earned money to pursue your dreams.

  • Don’t measure your enjoyment with materialistic things.

Don’t go for materials but live in the moment. Try to collect as many memories as you can to make your experience. Don’t spend any money on expensive gadgets or on some luxury packages. Learn to enjoy what you have.

  • Plan small trips during weekends.

The one who is working throughout the week can find time to travel during weekends. Plan out small trips to interesting places near you and explore them your way and this will allow you to manage both, your work as well as your passion.

  • Be smart to find a way out.

Travelling can be easy for those who work by their mind to full fill their passion by heart. Hence make smart strategies to travel, it is not necessary for you to have a lavish stay to explore the world around, find a cheaper way for accommodation like traveling with the locals, etc. Find such ways out to pursue your dreams.

  • Find a Job abroad

This is also a good way to explore if you are not that privileged to do so by your family. Find a job abroad that will give money as well as a new place to explore. Once you are done doing that try another place.

  • Be careful while booking flights.

Bookings flights may also require some smart moves in today’s internet marketing world. The airline booking website tracks our journey to know our behavior and hence remember us as a unique or repeated visitor and then show the price accordingly. Always go Incognito while you are searching for flights. Also, try to find the hidden airports that the airline companies don’t want to show as it will save a large chunk of your money. So yes apply all strategies while booking flights.

  • Write about your travel to earn.

It is always best to share your travel journey with the world. You can always try your luck as a blogger. Start maintaining your blog and writing about your travel. Once you get dedicated visitors you will start earning through it.

  • Sell the photographs captured.

Take beautiful photographs while you travel and sell them online to earn money.

  • Plan things that can be executed.

Don’t plan a journey that is impossible to execute and you only get disappointed thinking about it. Plan in bits but plan that is possible and can be executed in your own budget.

  • Refer to Guide books.

Such books will give you all the extra tips that you require to travel smartly. It will suggest to you some inexpensive ways of traveling that you can add up in your future plans.

This was all that you can to do be a smart traveler who will earn more moments in lesser money. And yes set up the next example that to pursue your passion for traveling, you don’t always need to be rich.

What are the best Jobs for travelling around the world?

Travel jobs

Are you a die-hard travel lover, who wish to keep exploring the world and find it very hard settling at one place?

You dream to travel all around but at the same time scared of the expense or some responsibility that you owe to your family.

What can be an alternative to this problem? Obviously a job that provides both a living as well as lots of enjoyment as well as satisfaction, Right?

As for a wanderer it is very hard to be stuck to the desk doing the same monotonous work all day.

Won’t it be fun, working at a place that requires you to travel as a one of your duties?

Yes of course it will be amazing and for the same reason we will list out all the Jobs that will let you travel all around the world.

Here we go-

  • There are two ways to travel, one can be the work from home job that most of the people are doing nowadays, such jobs will give you the liberty to travel anywhere, but at the same time you also need to handover the day to day task.
  • Or do a Job that requires you to travel as a part of your work.

Here are 15 such jobs that will be a dream job for every travel seeker.

  1. Flight Attendant

One of the best job that one can do is to be a Flight Attendant. Flight attendant travel to different parts of the world serving people on flights. You will be travelling to different places where your flight is taking you, earning money and at the same time having a good experience of stay in different hotel and travelling to different location all over the world.

  1. Tour Guide

What can be better for a traveller than travelling with people and getting paid for it? Tour Guide can be a best way to travel and earn money. And also it will be very exciting introducing the new places to the visitor and explaining them about it. Tour Guide is one the best way to travel and earn money.

  1. Cruise Ship Worker.

This is a job that is said to be the best in terms of travelling. You will be paid to travel the world and interact with people from varied cultural background. On the cruise you may be working as a chef, technician, cashier or many more. Though the job provides lots of travelling at different location but at the same it will involve great hard work and dedication as you will be out from your place for 9 months in a distant land. 

  1. Travel Agent

Travel Agent work hard to arrange the best travelling experience that they can. To become a Travel Agent you need to know things in detail and to have that you should be well-versed with travelling. You don’t need to have a certificate for it but yes you need to have a great travel experience. Travel agent should be great at arranging the end to end service that a visitor will need when he travels to the desired place. 

  1. International Aid Worker.

This is for those who wants to travel the world but at the same time make a difference in the society. This position will require you to travel in different countries across the globe and serving people who are in need of assistance during Wars, famines and other natural and man-made calamities.

  1. Foreign Service officer.

If you want to travel as well as show love to your country this can be the best job for you. Just like the diplomats these individual travel the globe working on various issues like immigration, refugee flow and disaster Aid, etc. You will serve your country but at the same time will all over the world.

  1. English Teacher.

This is also a way that gives many travellers to go to different locations as an English teacher. All that you need to be proficient in English or a graduate in Literature, as well as some will require you to have TESOL or CELTA and also a teaching experience. 

  1. Au Pair.

This is one of the most famous Travel job though being an Au Pair is most common in European countries such as France but it is also very famous at the other parts of the globe. Au Pair lives with a host family in exchange giving service to the children like taking care, giving tuitions and managing them the whole day. They even a little amount on top of their free stay. 

  1. Writer.

This is a favourite path taken by most of the traveller all over the world. As you can work as a Blogger or a Freelancer. Travelling all over and sharing your experience with others will give you the opportunity to be a story-teller of your own world. You may also write books on a particular topic in future. 

  1. Adventure sport Instructor.

If you love mountains and adventure and you are an experience adventure seeker than you can become an Adventure Sport Instructor. One can be a Ski Instructor, teach scuba diving and many more such adventure sport enjoying and travelling at the same time.

  1. Consultant

Consultants requires to have travel experience since they need to maintain close relationship with clients to maintain work partnership. Consultants offer insight and advice on how to solve problems in business and industry. And hence they have client spread all over the country with whom they need to maintain good relation.

  1. Photography or Film travel.

Photography and film is also a way to travel at different location as while shooting you don’t have be stuck at one place but you need to go to different spot getting the best shoot. Photographers also travel different places clicking pictures and earning by it.

  1. Become a film Star

This may seem fancy but yes it is one of the ways to travel to different location shooting for the film. And all the travelling expense is given by the production house, the only thing you need is to flaunt your acting skills. 

  1. Website Design.

Designing Website doesn’t require you to do the 9 to 5 slot job sitting on a desk. You can design website in your space and time using internet and providing freelancing service to your clients. You can travel as well as work with your device in your hand. 

  1. Teach Yoga and Meditation.

Yoga and Meditation has great demand in western countries, People from there come to India to get trained in Yoga and Meditation. If you are a trained in Yoga, there’s a great demand for you in different parts of the world. You can travel to different places doing Yoga Workshops or giving personal trainings to your clients.

These are some exciting jobs that will fulfil your passion of travelling as well as fill your pocket. So start exploring different possibilities where you can find a place and progress.

Let us know your experience in the comment section below or Reach out to us.